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Interactive multimedia leader

Interactive park
Magic painting (single version)
The multi-type interactive floor
Hit ball interaction
Magic draw more screen version
Interactive beach
Interactive slide
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Interactive window
Holographic window
Interactive window display
Interactive window applied in training institution
Interactive window
Win8 interactive window debugging
The interactive table
Shanxi emgrand interactive table
The Rotate interactive table
Circular interactive table
Multimodal interactive table
Multiple cameras, multiple projection splicing
Abnormity table
Adopts the technology of the mask, and interactive system to support a multipoint line positioning
E- signature
Signature advertising video
Big Screen check-in
Using laser pen to big screen in interactive window + electronic software signature
3D display
Form LOGO service
The sign in conventional version and form LOGO service side
The scene
Electronic sign scene shows
The using tutorial for signature
The using tutorial for signature
Electronic contract video display
Show the electronic contract actual video scene
Virtual pages
Insert video books
Advanced edition books can be inserted into the video, support arbitrary resolution
Books only supports images
The ground interaction
The football ground interaction
Double screen interactive quizzes
Special ground interaction
The ground interactive quizzes
The ground interactive gallery
Immersive interactive integration system
Metope are projected on the ground, each one side with a machine control, there are interaction and integration into a big picture
Star sign in interactive
This system USES LED splicing screen, hanging in the sky, you can sign in while interaction, also can interact  without sign in
Anti-corruption project cases
The grass flowers
The grass flowers, ground interaction effect
Part of the c + + effect show scenes
C + + entity display, connect panels and equipment
Fish swimming
Children entertainment
4 channel T stage
Flash effect
Part of the flash effect
The scene Picture
Lease hoisting way
Large interactive screen
The laser pen interaction
Hand& pen touch integration
Arc screen interaction
Ultra short focal single interactive touch writing
3 screen interactive manipulation of wirtingscreen
The future classroom
Interactive radar
Radar sensor from distance
Radar metope effects
Radar eye awning
Floor tile of radar screen
Joy hopscotch
Magic painting -mermaid type
25 meters radar ground interaction
Radar more effect
Radar query show
Radar peoples interact
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Virtual welcome
Video display
Virtual explanation actual video download
Virtual commentary
Virtual video installation and debugging
Body feeling video display
Body feeling cut fruit
Body feeling change clothes
The somatosensory system
Body feeling Show special 2
AR model body
Virtual driving
Virtual bike
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