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Wuhan Kleader Software Technology Co., Ltd. is a team focusing on new media interaction. The company's functional departments are complete, including the marketing department, software department, hardware department, design department, and quality control department. Provide professional multimedia interactive design and production for different projects. The service process is standardized, the after-sales response is timely, and the price is civilian. Now combining digital content, interactive hardware, and software production. In the multimedia field, it has formed multiple product lines, interactive exhibition hall lines, cultural tourism entertainment lines, children's entertainment lines, digital content production, interactive sensor customization, AR interactive systems, projection engineering, construction integrated control lines. This team is good at customizing services, providing a package of solutions from solutions, quotations, research and development, to construction. And kleader has always adhered to the principle of honesty and cooperation, know kleader, and worry-free in new media engineering!

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