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Wuhan Kleader software technology co., LTD

The exhibition hall address:Room1002-1006,Building 2,Optical valley  international headquarters 2. Optical valley avenue 35, Wuhan.Hubei Province.China(Mainland)

Optical valley road No. 35

Directions: bus 758, get off at the LingGuShan north station to the headquarters of the optical valley walking across the street from the 400 to the international direction can see headquartersdrops a taxi transport directly to the destination for international, across from the headquarters of the international international headquarters.

Contact No+86 18571869346

Personal E-mail  (reply fast): whkleader@foxmail.com

Attention please do not go to the international optical valley headquarters, this is the second stage


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The industrial and commercial bank of China software park in wuhan

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3202 1058 0910 0059 856

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Wuhan Kleader software  technology co., LTD

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China merchants bank, east lake  branch in wuhan city, hubei province

6226 0902 7170 6547

Fuhai Ye

ICBC  xinhua hotel branch in wuhan city, hubei province

6222 0232 0202 2016 223

Wei Zhou

CCB, high-tech development zone, wuhan, hubei province branch

6222 8028 7278 1039 744

Wei Zhou

Industrial bank co., LTD., wuhan hongshan branch

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Wuhan jie xin weiye system integration co., LTD

Receiver:Fuhai Ye   Account No 6226 0902 7170 6547

Beneficiary's Bank Address : China Merchants bank tower NO.7088, Shennan Boulevard,Shenzhen,China

[China merchants] SWIFTCode:CMBCCNBS

Telephone banking:6232020000482567

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