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The following video is in this photo exhibition, all can come to our showroom practical experience, because the display hall project very much, all experience the very time, first to record some video, can online preview first, then to our company actual experience can specifically for you want to buy the product experience, also save everybody's time, also for the convenience of the customers can't come to wuhan real browsing online.

The exhibition hall address:Room-1002 Optical valley  international headquarters 2. Optical valley avenue 35, Wuhan.

Good news!  Kleader exhibition hall support remote online watch links to strike.‍  ‍

Children's park
Interactive beach
The slide projector
The naughty treasure
Interactive trampoline
Interaction hitting ball
Magic painting
Interactive projection
Interactive round-table
Ground interaction
Double screen linkage
Interactive books
Magic painting (single version)
The multi-type interactive floor
Hit ball interaction
Magic draw more screen version
Interactive beach
Interactive slide
Larger fusion
Desktop demonstration
The video playback
Radar touch
Radar people interact
Radar query show
Show more
Interaction hitting ball
Holographic interactive display
Interactive query
Interactive window
Virtual welcome
360 degrees holographic display case
Interactive round-table
Writing manipulate
Arc screen interaction
The laser pen interaction
The window write
Interactive quizzes
Double screen answer
One Screen answer
Touch answer
Somatosensory system
Body feeling Pick up candy
Body feeling cut fruit
Body feeling control
Body feeling AR
Body feeling change clothes
Electronic signature
Only signature
3D signature version
Exhibition hall double screen version
central control system
Touch screen version
IPAD version
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