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Interactive multimedia leader

Management idea: all follow the rules as user

Pay attention to long-term development, not because of commercial interests harm user value;

Pay attention to and understand the user demand, and constantly to excellent products and service to meet user needs;

Attaches great importance to the emotional communication with customers, respect for the user experience, growing together with the user.

Mission: Service via the Internet to improve

Make the products and services like water and electricity flowing into people's lives, for people to bring convenience and cheerful;

Focus on different regions, different groups, and for different object to provide differentiated products and services;

Build open and win-win platform, with partners to jointly create a healthy Internet environment.

Values: Honest, enterprising, cooperation


Comply with national laws and the system of the company, and will not violate the enterprise high tension line;

The person's first, uphold justice, honest, and trustworthy people skills such as important principle;

With power have a positive impact on the surrounding of integrity.


Conscientious, efficient execution;

Responsibility, take the initiative to meet the new tasks and challenges;

Keep curiosity, learning, the pursuit of excellence.


Win-win with open mentality, Shared with partners industry growth;

Have the vision, able to interact with other team, common goal;

Willing to share professional knowledge and working experience, grow up together with my colleagues.


The purpose of innovation is to create value for users;

Everyone can be creative, everything all can innovation;

Dares to breakthrough, have the courage to try, do not fear failure, is a good summary.

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