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Product Detail

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Product details introduction

Version is still in the writing brush, the cheapest sign in software, calligraphy, drawing, in the frame, integrating conventional functions

Is still sign the software download (in 3 d more version, automatic update)

Special software stand:http://www.crsky.com/soft/31576.html

Hua jun software stand:: http://www.onlinedown.net/soft/258181.htm


Sales the best, most complete function of sign software, has always been in the update, there is no one!

The latest updated version V8.4 (August 1, 2015)

The electronic sign check is divided into two versions, normal version, version 3 d double screen

This page is only the ordinary version of the page, if you are a exhibition hall, the wedding rental business, or need to customize, please look at 3 d double screen version


Normal function

The function point


This system advantage

Replace the frame and background

According to the different scenarios replace template frame, for example, new photos, the theme and so on

Operation is the most simple: to make the PNG picture frames, into the template folder

Windows xp,7,8 32bit,64bit

In a variety of operating systems can run on this system, and even win8

Unlike other software, appear all sorts of incompatible, this system has been tested by thousands of customers, we can see hua jun software downloads.

Automatic recognition of imaging area

Identify good imaging area, camera will automatically photos show that an area, as far as possible to minimise the distortion

Old version or 300 pirated without this feature, camera collected small photo automatic stretch to full screen, the imaging is very poor.

Other software, need to manually specify the imaging area, each frame is to specify, very trouble

Some less software, for example our old version, is also on the market in the sale of pirated. Red and blue are imaging opposite, and image is inverse


Taking pictures in the wrong can be cancelled



Write wrong can rewrite

The old version of this software, some undesirable businessman is without this feature

Handwriting color and thickness adjustment

Adjust the color of the pen and the thickness

This system through the push button operation, not pull, because bad click on the touch screen, with a button is the most convenient

Effect of handwriting, including writing brush calligraphy

Handwriting soft edges, and at the same time provide the fluorescent pen, writing brush

Modify handwriting, not as hard as Windows drawing board, pirated software is very hard and write will block

Photo frame selection

Was signed in can choose  different kind  frame to take photos

Some software without this feature


Sign and print, real-time photos

This print system support arbitrary size of paper, not only play a bust, or any image deformation. Printing is very important function, It can be our family only

Full screen photo

Hidden frame, full screen image, need a good camera support

Used as a digital camera, photo session, some software without this feature, more for the wedding

Many people draw

This system can be a draw arbitrary number, 1 to 25 people are available, in the edit box input line

Some software can only be one, some pirated software, also is our old version, you can only draw  2, the new version can take out any individuals, in the edit box input, the number of commonly used can be selected in the drop-down list

The winning memory

In the process of drawing, often finished a prize, need to exit the program, and then to continue to draw, no memory function, has draw before the staff will continue to win problem is very large

Piracy has no this function, as a direct result of the software can't use for a long time.

Midstream exits, this system will not repeat the winning, if you try to smoke, right-click menu can be cleared all the winning Numbers, if you have love, automatically saved in the folder.

Piracy also will draw to the 200 people crashed, format hard disk and so on

The recording and retake

In addition to taking pictures, writing, and blessing

Our voice and our photos automatically, through 3 d wall to look at the pictures, can also listen to sound

The default winning and not winning

Specify someone winning in some place, someone not winning

We in addition to the traditional support default winning, but also can be the default is not winning, lottery, will someone's photos from the original folder can be cut out

Visitor statistics

Automatic statistic number of guests


Generate Flash album

Check-in is completed, in addition to the original handwriting, you can also use the company provided by the third party software generates Flash photo album

Provide a large number of flash templates were used

Custom generated path

Photos can be specified location

Click - > management, one USB path can be specified

Sign in 1 machine, another machine draw

In general, sign in machine and lottery machine are separated, so will have sign-in screen after the completion of lottery

Operation is simple, and there's no need to network, unlike some of the machine, must also be imported through the network

Check-in is completed, generated the photos folder, by U disk copy to another machine, and then specify the USB path

Use hd camera or camera taking pictures

In certain occasions, ordinary camera resolution can not reach, so you need cameras or hd camera

All software can drive the hd camera, but only with our software can be specified in the management of camera collection and pixel size, 1080 * 720, for example, and other software is only is 640 * 480, big picture would be distortion


Can use keyboard shortcuts for common operation, it has a wireless keyboard can control the pictures of what, without the guest his points

Some software no shortcuts

Picture to view

The sign in the guest and an award winning staff for details

Advantage: 3 d wall function, will all displayed in the form of 3 d images, very good location, and click to enlarge after can also listen to the voice

Multi-mode draw

Such as according to identify card number, name to draw

Through the lucky draw software to realize these functions

The online screen displays

Check in at the same time, plus a laptop connection projector, always will have sign in the guest to call waiting 3 d projection to the big screen, if no one sign in will now show the sign in the guest, by using the N + 1 pattern, at least 2 sets of purchase and software


According to the guest name index search palce

Can define your own keywords, such as name, pinyin initials

Hide the main interface

Can be directly sign in into the interface

By a right-click menu key Settings

Powered up

Boot software will start automatically, sign in machine is necessary

Large-screen interactive games

On the big screen to interact with guests, wedding sign in in particular

Provide: hit golden eggs, guess the bride, bet on horses, the bride lianliankan, 4 flash small game, some software without it

Lifelong maintenance

Software may have questions, problems must be timely corrected

Note only legitimate software can change functions, it is still sign they are independent research and development of software.

Most of them are online piracy, piracy is without after-sale

Just sign in

Some places do not need to take pictures, only writing and save the two functions

Right-click menu, provide only sign in mode

Time-lapse photo

Directly click on the screen picture, people have not set the POSE is photography, or must service personnel point photos very troublesome, especially in the pavilion must want to have this functionality

Can directly open the right-click menu, click on the photo, prompted the sound after 5 seconds to take pictures, only this system have this function

Big screen mode

Within the 24 inch screen, the button needs to be larger, it's convenient, click on the big screen, the button is very small, so can check in area

The layout of the unique concept, for the customer

Button to add or delete

Delete button corresponding pictures, auto hide button

In many cases, only need a few button is enough, and need to delete button


Check-in is completed, you can do the mail, the guest check in photos to guest own mailbox, but be online to use

Neutral LOGO

The original system can change the icon and LOGO

Maintenance free, but does not support the new function to upgrade

If there is a reproducible problem defects mentioned, free to modify

Enjoy a free upgrade function, genuine software, software piracy is a one-shot deal no one to solve this problem

Video display: http://www.whkleader.com/col.jsp?id=112

Signature can be customized, look at wuhan inverse war conference, after the custom of appearance


Sign interface

3D display interface

Right-click menu

Lottery system

3D online configuration management:


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