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Interactive Table

Product details introduction

Interactive desktop precision touch, but many people at the same time, can show rotate,

Set picture and video, games at an organic whole, can be customized content, also with a standard template!

The Kleader original interactive table, specializing the human-computer interaction, without the acquisition card, can support arbitrary shape of interactive table, support arbitrary projection and display.

Solution overview: desktop digital content interactive elements.Through the digital images of the projector will be projected on the surface of the table (/ display) is being thrown, people can be interactive induction the content of the image in the digital trigger.

Product features: suitable for all kinds of table body (including straight table), and is not restricted by size, at the same time many people experience.

The performance show

The interactive table can be divided into three major hardware control

An infrared sensor + laser mode (precision), middle six is laser, two cameras