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Product details introduction

Kleader control system, all live in research and development, the interface can be customized, supports Windows and the device version, you can and any program through the company.

With the continuous development of city construction, all kinds of show the humanities, history, exhibition hall, a museum of the city's development more modern, intelligent and humanization.An intelligent pavilion to image intuitive geared to the needs of audience, often using sound, light, electricity and image at the same time a variety of means such as video to foil effect, that is, almost every elements contains the effect of display, lighting, lighting, audio, etc., the effect of the multimedia, mostly depend on the projector, advertising machine, touch all-in-one PC, the LED screen, computer equipment, including moving head light, dyed light and sound.How to more convenient management of the equipment, how to do the linkage of the media player control and so on, these are all facing the pavilion administrator the headache problem.

Poly (gen after for many large exhibition hall summarized the multimedia control experience of innovation, has developed the combination of centralized control and distributed control intelligent control management system, the pavilion easily make the pavilion management become intelligent and more stability.Distributed control the import of effectively overcome the multimedia exhibition halls across the floor, large space and a lot of areas, caused by irregular shape of the control signal is not stable and cause the whole system collapse problems such as server failure.

The pavilion intelligent control system topology graph

Pavilion intelligent control system is controlled by a hand-held terminals, hardware control equipment, the end of the service of software adopts the distributed control and centralized control, combining with TCP/IP model in the form of chrysanthemum in networking, hardware control part is controlled by a holding end send instructions to the hardware control host, selected according to the different equipment hardware control host R232 bus/wireless signal to control equipment.Linkage demonstration part directly controlled by holding the WIFI or outside the network to each client send instructions to direct TCP way, client host again after receiving instructions to complete the corresponding action, such as movies or other operations.So without host forwarding instruction greatly reduces the failure rate and the client linkage control.

The pavilion intelligent control system of three component diagram

Control system function characteristic

First: intelligent control system with control terminal features:

1. The multiple platform system application:

Control terminal software points Ios and Windows, and can be compatible with the desktop, mobile phone and tablet.

2. Operation interface and button function can be custom configurations

Provide a simple and convenient visual editing environment and strong logic design components, engineering personnel according to project requirements, to quickly create or modify any touch interface with the button icon (including increasing or reducing the page with buttons), built-in a variety of fine 3 d button and the background images, buttons, arbitrary shape can be any effect of the interface and drag the button, let engineering staff give full play to the infinite imagination, as a key function of opening and closing the exhibition hall, the implementation of the exhibition hall opening and closing of automation.

Button function attributes at the same time, IP address and port are free to modify, configuration good functional properties and interface can be saved to the cloud, greatly convenient for engineering and technical personnel of debugging.JCZK handset also integrates the function of wireless mouse and the healthy dish, the operator can be directly put the handset when the mouse and the healthy dish to use, easier to linkage control and client host.

3. The powerful

TCP/IP network communication and support via LAN or the Internet control, can send a string to a specified IP specified port equipment or hexadecimal code, cooperate with relevant equipment can control switch machine, projector, a computer after splicing screen, camera, lighting, curtains, electric motors, TVS, set-top boxes, air conditioning, conference system, AV \ VGA \ RGB linkage broadcast audio and video matrix switchers and AV, etc.

Second, the hardware control equipment expansion characteristics:

Pavilions distributed centralized control system hardware parts that are popular on the market by the conference control system, we can adopt RS485 bus pattern or TCP/IP communication, all hardware configuration, with the method of using the building blocks to great convenience function expansion.

Third, intelligent control system client software features:

Intelligent control software is a client with integrated software file editing and events of control functions, it consists of two modules button configuration and timeline.Using its powerful file editing ability can realize the exhibition hall touchscreen general interaction system, the event control function combined with handheld terminal and related hardware can build powerful multimedia intelligent control system.

1. Powerful data format support ability

Software that can be introduced into the conventional images, video, audio format file or trigger a third-party software to open the file, and can control the third party software to open the files in the position and size of the window.

2. The configurable interface design skills

Software provides a simple and convenient visual editing environment, according to project requirements quickly with arbitrary configuration interface button, the button, any effect of arbitrary shape can be interface.

3. The flexible resources event handling ability

Software in addition to the ability to interface configuration, which can realize the buttons, menus, FLASH, web pages, such as to define trigger event, a component can be achieved after an event associated set of resources for a variety of different treatment, together with the time axis can be realized in a certain time to do more than one thing or things.

4. The overall hardware control ability

Software on the power switch, switch machine, acoustics, computer switch machine, projector, shaking his head lights, motors, TV, audio and video matrix all open the serial port of the interface, such as TCP/IP and other equipment to control, sending related instructions.At the same time can receive all by serial port, TCP/IP, USB sent instructions, etc.

5. Convenient multimedia broadcast and control function

Software provides support for various formats media play, can be shown according to the need for parameter setting, can receive through the handset or related sensors sent instructions to pause the video, fast forward, backward, volume adjustment operation, etc.Can also realize the video extended play, play window, the window of expression of the coordination with other PC video playback.

6. Multitasking collaborative processing capacity

Software based on time axis node set, in the native tasks at the same time, can be associated with the synchronization of other communication devices for control.Such as according to the video and FLASH video content synchronization control external devices.

Kleader central advantage:

Advantage 1:

Advantage 2:

Advantage 3:,Customizable interface