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Product Detail
Body feeling page, reading, control system, body feeling generation

Screen video scan (such as video cannot play, please use Internet explorer)

Video scan 2

Product details introduction

Led display system, four unity, collective sense of books (which can be inserted into the video), interaction with no background to dig like taking photos, body feeling reading article, body feeling mouse control four function modules, all free replacement material background, also can support custom development (extra charge)

The start interface

System advantage: strong anti-interference techniques, each operator should control prior to the operation, it can prevent many people of interference, the material can replace all by oneself, support for multiple photos video format (JPG, WMV, avi, mp4), is the collection entertainment, query, photographed nostalgia for the integration of body feeling show interactive system, adaptive resolution.

Sense of media:

Support multiple book, every page of every book can insert a video, also can not insert.Hand over the next page, left turn back.

Body feeling keyer (virtual photo) :

Support video background, through the hands can take a picture and save the photos, photo frame automatically switch, and can be free to add, if meet the outside network will automatically generate 2 yards, through WeChat scan downloaded to mobile phones.And can be online or to extend the screen, take photos of photos will be automatically arranged to extend or online screen.

Feeling of reading:

Every picture can correspond to different text file, can undertake page-turning browsing through clenched fists, different images corresponding to different articles on the left.

Motion-sensing controls:

Gestures can be converted into for the mouse, press and raised, or so pages into a keyboard key, support extended system of secondary development, for example, you can configure the other programs or open the PPT can directly control.

And download video appreciation:http://www.whkleader.com/pod.jsp?id=24&_php=132_351_10

Contains hardware


2 MT - VIKI or green extension cord 10 m (please separately if it is 20 or 30 m)

3 encryption dog a (software) can start the

4 camera support one


Computers (basic configuration I3CPU, SSD 64 g, 4 g memory, graphics card more than 1 g) above the Windows 7 operating system

Video fast track

In addition:You can also buy your own hardware kinect for windows generation