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Interactive floor

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Product details introduction

Interactive projection system, sensitive response, without the acquisition card, 4 fast calibration, support multi-people interaction at the same time, 150 effects games, support hd projectors

Kleader original single interactive projection system, install only 4 points, without acquisition card, No need restricted camera installation location, unlimited demands on the ground, the most valuable interactive projection system

The performance show

We can see our precision and sensitivity, USB high-speed 60 frames response.

Kleader interactive projection update V5.6 version to no. 3 latest in August 2015, support arbitrary channel, any screen interactive, compatible with any desktop integration software, continue to stay ahead in the field of human-computer interaction as the sales champion.

The interactive module contains hardware and software list:

1 Interactive projection software dog, control software screenshots in the back

2 140 effects interactive games , supports only 1024 * 768 resolution, if it is 1920 * 1080 or 1280 * 800 projector, please explain separately, only 20 effect

3 Virtual books software (able to video and photo mixed interpolation, adaptive resolution)

4 Kleader get secret CCD infrared camera (zoom, 54 degrees (long), 76 degrees (short focal) * 1, long part of the 3 m can cover 120 inch, short focal lens 3 m can cover 200 "(4 m * 3 m)

5 infrared lamp wick Taiwan * 1 + power supply, power 48 tile, if the height is higher than 4 m, change to 96 watts

6 USB extension cable (with power amplifier), green or maxtor d moment, length is 10 meters, 20 meters, for you to choose from 30 meters, 20 meters by default

Selection list (full) :

Projector: it is recommended to use zoom (convenient installation and debugging), lumen in more than 3000 lumens, if it is a short focal projector, projection than not less than 0.8

Host: notebook and desktop can be, it is recommended to use NVDIA independent graphics card, but not importune

Construction and travel

Multimodal fusion splicing

If it is multiple projectors together at the same time, the assumption is that N projector, so the price is N times that of the single projection, Kleader interactive projection system support arbitrary screen, any way of stitching, can separate interactive extension screen, or based on the extension of the screen.Including 4 channels within 4 channel presented corresponding desktop software.

Multi-channel hardware and single channel is same, but the number for N times, more than 3 channel and need to buy more screen treasure, details please see effect

http://www.whkleader.com/pd.jsp?Id = 31 & _pp = 0 _304_4_ - 1

Quality assurance:

All hardware part 1 year warranty, free software upgrades

System advantage and parameters

1. 4 a quick calibration, installation is convenient

2. Support people interaction at the same time, the theory is not limited number of upper limit

3. The camera can be placed at random, unlike other systems must be constrained in the projection area of the upper part, the only bright spot,

4. Support for the mouse, multi-point effect, tuio, FLASH XML, win 7 and other agreements

5. High precision, even if you put camera sideways, also can identify very accurate, there will be no whack-a-mole could not hit ect  problems.

6. Reaction speed: this system actual test, Kleader with the secret camera frame rate can reach 60 frames, and other manufacturers only 5 frames, especially those with acquisition card industrial cameras, that stuff is only suitable for monitoring use, not suitable for interaction, if forced to use, that is not called interaction, that call slow action

7. There is no requirement for  the ground , this system even if you are on the ground of reflective strong, interactive effect is good, because of the depth of this system is the only USES infrared filter technology manufacturers, so we must use the infrared lamp

8. A camera attached to the base, fixed, and the camera zoom, zoom is different from other manufacturer aperture but knob, corresponding common projector, red blue corresponding short focal projector

9. Supports Windows xp, Windows 7, doing, 32, 64, all functions are available

10. The hardware and software is very stable, since the launch of boot, basic not bad, after-sales cost greatly reduced.

11. Support usb model, at the same time also compatible acquisition card mode

Piracy system defects: http://www.whkleader.com/nd.jsp?Id = 17 & _np = 4 _11

Range of projection: general 3 m height with ordinary zoom can be 2.7 * 3.6 = 10 square meters

The advantage of our cameras

Our interactive system response speed is 60 frames, USB interface, it is our special camera, very convenient zoom, two button, corresponding to the long and short focal length

Our interactive system also supports acquisition card version, industrial camera, any industrial camera can not be more than 20 frames, you can take AMCAP camera test program test the speed of any industrial camera capture response FPS is less than 20

We the default installation is within 30 m USB camera, more than 30 m with old video line + acquisition card scheme

Some competitors malicious attack, said our USB camera is not stable, our camera is 1 year replacement,We will not casually if instability.

This software can also be used to purchase (no extra charge)

1 virtual pages (standard mold is 1.1 M * 0.9 M) :

http://www.whkleader.com/pd.jsp?Id = 26 & _pp _320 = 106

2 the interactive desktop (general induction)

http://www.whkleader.com/pd.jsp?Id = 30 & _pp _320 = 106

Video presentation (including partial effect and engineering demonstration illustration) : http://www.whkleader.com/col.jsp?Id = 109

Kleader software, human-computer interaction technology industry first, various interactive all independent research and development, take a look at the current way of interaction

Interactive way to       compare

Infrared lamp

Laser, infrared  pen

Body feeling


Detection principle

Motion detecting

Infrared light  to  identify

Infrared 3 d  reconstruction



General induction, mobile sensing,   cannot pinpoint to a certain point,     only a few  button     clicks

Accurate positioning to a point, can zoom in on   picture, the       error  is less than 5  pixels

Similar to the mouse, relative positioning

Can be      accurate to some  basic points, zoom, click on the button have no problem,     error of 20 pixels

Applicable scenario

Interaction on the ground, Across     turning  book

Interactive window, multi-touch, interactive table, interactive       mirror

People standing at the front of a screen, induced by gestures

Multitouch  induction, mainly       aimed at    the screen

Limit the scene

Can't achieve metope button click

Must display

The sensor distance must be between 2.5 M to 4 M

No limit

The light interference

No limit

No limit

No limit

No limit

Sunlight interference

No limit

There can be no sunshine

Can't direct,  it doesn't    matter fora  bit

No limit

Suppose you have far enough induction distance, each sensor's largest induction range

Each channel for 4 m * or 3 m, can fusion splicing

2.2 M * 1.7 M or so, each channel can be spliced together

Has nothing to do with display,           relative         positioning, not joining together

270 ° arc radius of 4 m, can be  together

Whether to support the LCD panel


Support, but no friendship



Support system

Windows does    not restrict

A single point of the mouse and Windows multipoint TUIO agreement does not limit, touch screen multi-point support win8

Windows 7 ultimate

Windows no limit

Induction module and software costs

The minimum

The lower



Click to open in detail

Interactive            projection system

Interactive        window

Body feeling show

Interactive  radar

The interactive way

Software debugging interface:

Screen management, supporting the screen any way any stitching

List all effects:

Install the good appearance

Waterproof outdoor installation

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