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Interactive painting

Multi-screen version for magic painting (such as video cannot play, please use Internet explorer)

Magic painting single-screen version

Product details introduction

Kleader "magic painting" game

Children painting animals were scanned by himself, can let  himself masterpiece painting became more vivid, deep in the bottom of the sea or swimming freely in the forest, and it can touch the animals by hand, It is more interesting interaction which can also take this work in home.

Kleader magic painting technology advantage


1 Diversification:It is not only for pure ocean scene but also for presented the cool forest scene.

2 Diverse template , total for 13 templates, covers the fish and animals, two scenarios can be automatically or manually switch.

3 Stable and cheap scanning technology, took the lead in the development of advanced scanner algorithm which instead of traditional expensive and unstable Japanese Fujitsu scanner, another button can let the children free flap.

4 Scan clearly, fish in the scene, the children can write his own name which can clearly see on the fish's body.

5 Support  the single and multiple screen fusion interaction which can joining together very long.

6 Turn-key project, after complete installation, you can also set protection which can prolong the life time for projector via open the remote control key.

7 Precise touch,unlike some other manufacturers products which not support the children click, Keleader is a standard of click reaction, avoid no response.

8 Humanization design, all the animals and fish will swim to lower place, convenient children interaction.

9 Upgrade assured, our professional r&d team, constantly upgrading the new scenario to keep store activity

10 Guaranteed maintenance with 1 year warranty, Free replacement for irresponsibility broke, Our company set up five years in the field of multimedia which has deep inside information.

Single-screen version will match equipment images within the 150 - inch within (3 * 2.2 M), general 120 - inch best (2.4 * 1.8 M)

1 Interactive camera 1 + laser power* 2 + supply * 3 ,

2 Ten Million pixel scanner + scan button  + greenUSB extension cable 20 m

3 Kleader precise interaction system

4 magic drawing games and present forest interactive play


1 EPSON projector (3000 lumens, 3000 * 768) or benq short focal projector (3000 lumens 3000 * 768 ) + audio and video wire hanger and projection

2 Central computer + logitech keyboard + remote control

3 36 color pen and A4 printing paper

More screen version will match (multiple projectors cascade, generally 2 to 4)

1 induction radar (2 projectors with 4 meters,  more than10 meters)

2 Ten Million pixel scanner + scan button  + greenUSB extension cable 20 m

3 Kleader precise interactive system

4 Magic drawing games and present forest interactive play

5 Projection fusion system pixelwarp

Appreciate video:http://www.whkleader.com/h-por--0_531_39.html

More screen mermaid scene shooting

Interactive playground scene shooting

Forest scene

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